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The real reason behind why VSCode seemed to go haywire on me

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The real reason behind why VSCode seemed to go haywire on me
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A couple of weeks ago, when I launched one of my projects with VS Code's Live Server, everything seemed so small and unintelligible all of a sudden. I couldn't figure out why things were rendering so queerly in the browser. Because I could not figure out the culprit, I switched over to WebStorm.

I do love WebStorm for some things, but I also love VS Code for others. Depending on what I am working on, I might prefer one Code Editor over the other.

But I do love the ease of access and use of VS Code. Lately I found myself using it just do quick checks, and kept on opening Live Server to see whether the situation there had changed. Then by accident, I went into Chrome's View Tab, and came across the option "Actual Size". I clicked on it, and everything went back to normal. I never remembered changing the view size in Chrome or anywhere else, but was glad that I finally was able to resolve the issue. What's strange, however, was that the problem only appeared locally when I was using VS Code and not when I subsequently used WebStorm. On a remote server, things rendered as expected. Go figure.

So if you use VS Code and Chrome, and suddenly everything in the browser seems very small and strange, just click on the View tab when in Chrome, and select the "Actual Size" option.

Chrome View Tab

I will be embedding this episode of Plugging in The Holes along with a transcript in the form of a post on for your hearing and reading pleasure. Bye for now!