Full Stack JavaScript Developer Teacher of Things Tech and Cat Whisperer
Inter-Global Media Network, Inc.

My Philosophy, Mission and Goals

I am a self taught developer who got into web development early on out of need. At the time, i could not find anyone to build what I wanted built, so I taught myself to do it. Much later, with the advent of Bootcamps and "Coding Schools", I went back to further my knowledge and skills.

My path is not a traditional one. I have a background in Graphic Design, Video, and Digital Photography. Now I build things for the Web and teach others how to do the same. I also acquaint people with their OS, Git, Command Line, and Digital Software programs on macOS.

I have built and taught all things JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I am passionate about all things Git and Command Line.

I feel it important that people (or students) become better acquainted with their operating systems and understand how they work under the hood, and what better way than the Command Line! In addition, Command Line is essential for developers working with a variety of developer tools.

I believe in designing, developing, and teaching experiences that make people's lives simpler.

I take a very hands on approach, and believe in learning by doing. My teaching background is in the traditional (college) classroom. Now I would like to apply my philosophy and mission outside of the traditional classroom!

Teaching online permits me to cover subject matter and in the way that I feel is most appropriate that a traditional classroom would not. The aim of this course is for students to gain broader knowledge and skills that make them more competitive.

Hope to see you in my course entitled "A Comprehensive Guide to Front End Web development", which I just published on [thinkific.com](https://interglobalmedianetwork-site-84aa.thinkific.com/courses/comprehensive-guide-to-front-end-web-development! Yu can learn more about the course and what is built by watching the video on the course site's home page. Thanks!

About ME? When I’m not coding, I love to go to the countryside to recharge, watch Film Noir and mystery movies, listen to alternative and soul music, ponder over surrealist art, and create exotic cuisine.