Full Stack JavaScript Developer Teacher of Things Tech and Cat Whisperer
Inter-Global Media Network, Inc.

My Philosophy, Mission and Goals

I am a self taught developer who got into web development early on out of need. At the time, i could not find anyone to build what I wanted built, so I taught myself to do it. Much later, with the advent of Bootcamps and "Coding Schools", I went back to further my knowledge and skills.

My path is not a traditional one. I have a background in Graphic Design, Video, and Digital Photography. Now I build things for the Web and teach others how to do the same. I also acquaint people with their OS, Git, Command Line, Digital Software programs on macOS, and show them how to effectively collaborate remotely with others using those tools. If nothing else, the Pandemic revealed the importance of being being able to communicate remotely with others using various forms of technology. And also the importance of some form of COMMUNITY for all.

I have built and taught all things JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I am passionate about all things Git and Command Line.

I feel it important that people (or students) become better acquainted with their operating systems and understand how they work under the hood, and what better way than the Command Line! In addition, Command Line is essential for developers working with a variety of developer tools.

I have taught on two operating systems. Windows and macOS. I work on both myself. I discovered that more and more of my students were using Windows, and I did not want to exclude that population. I covered the Windows CMD Prompt and PowerShell, Git, Node.js and npm. Everything macOS users installed and useed, the Windows users installed the equivalent of and used as well. This made the teaching all inclusive.

I took a very hands on approach, and believe in learning by doing. I am a strong proponent of the Maker Culture as regards Web Development, and my goal was (and still is) to foster it in my teaching and building.

Since the onset of COVID-19, I began teaching seniors about their computers too. I have found senior students CAN be very eager and quick to learn.

Teaching is great, but there is nothing like > building applications, especially as part of a team, or helping others find solutions to their technological issues, which are useful to them and contribute to bettering and/or making their lives simpler!

About ME? When I’m not coding, I love to go to the countryside to recharge, watch Film Noir and mystery movies, listen to alternative and soul music, ponder over surrealist art, and create exotic cuisine.