Philosophy, Mission, and Specialty

Full Stack Developer who designs, develops, and teaches experiences that make people's lives simpler. Web development maker culture teaching philosophy and advocate. Also acquaint individuals with their macOS or Windows operating systems.

Teaching is great, but there is nothing like building applications, especially as part of a team, which are useful to others and contribute to bettering and/or making their lives simpler!



  • Music in Browser app

    Music in Browser
    application uses: css-in-js, gh-pages, javascript, node-sass, npm, web audio apilearn more
  • HTML5 Video Player app

    HTML5 Video Player
    application uses: fullscreen api, html5 video, html5, cross-browser issues, cascading stylesheets, shadow dom, user agent stylesheets, pseudo elements, javascriptlearn more
  • Jukebox app

    application uses: object oriented javascript, audio web api, metadata, progress bar, thumb slider, searchlearn more


  • How to enable async/await in Node.js with ESLint
    How to enable async/await in Node.js with ESLint
    I was going through the final project for the course I am teaching at CityTech called Dynamic Web 1 which includes covering Modern Javascript and introduces Node.js, environment variables, .dotenv, ESLint rules, APIs, API keys, and how to protect them, the creation of local scripts in package.json, the EJS templating engine for Express.js, and async/await ...
    tagged in: linters, eslint, async-await, nodejs, expressjs
    categorized under: linters
  • Using Google Meet for on-the-fly screen sharing
    Using Google Meet for on-the-fly screen sharing
    Recently, I found that using Discord’s screen sharing for on-the-fly screen sharing was a bust ... So I searched for “absolutely free” screen sharing software ... After much research, I finally stumbled upon Google Meet. As long as one has a Gmail account, one has access to this nifty little tool. Access to it resides right inside the Gmail inbox ...
    tagged in: video conferencing, google meet, screen sharing
    categorized under: screen sharing, video conferencing
  • Git cloning a branch other than master from Github
    Git cloning a branch other than master from Github
    Today I had to check a student’s work that resided on a branch other than master. I have always been used to just git cloning a repository’s master branch ... And everything is usually merged locally. But sometimes ...
    tagged in: git, git-clone, git-branching
    categorized under: git

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