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Poke API App

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Poke API App
Photo by Maria D. Campbell on Interglobalmedia


An application which utilizes the Poke API based on Pokemon characters and utilizes both the fetch API and AJAX, JavaScript promise chaining, the map method, creates most elements rendered to the html pages, checks for non-existent images and removes them or or sets their display properties to none, uses pointer events to replace touch and mouse events, custom build scripts, and Modern JavaScript in general.

Project Includes

ajax, animated magnifying glass icon search input, code refactor, create element, css transforms, css transitions, design refactor, fetch api, innerhtml property, keydown event, load event, manipulating the dom, map method, mobile friendly, modern javascript, nested map methods, nested api objects, node sass, onerror property, parallax, pointer events, poke api, promise chaining, window pageOffset, window scroll