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Guess The Keys App

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Guess The Keys
Photo by Maria D. Campbell on Interglobalmedia


A fun little game made with JavaScript, SCSS/CSS3, and HTML. As I was developing this game, it also reminded me of the importance of checking for browser compatibility. Not knowing how your application works on various browsers, rather all the most important ones (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE), can result in major feature breakers!

I wrote about my cross browser compatibility experience while developing this game on my Developer Blog. The post is entitled e.keyCode || e.which?. You can find the link to the post here.

Very recently, I revamped the application design and a bit of the app behavior, so it looks radically different than before. It's really fun to experience visually!

Project Includes

appendChild method, arguments object, babel 7, browser compatibility, create document fragment method, create element method, css in js, es5 function class, es5 function class, es6 modules, eslint 8, event listeners, game development, input validation, keycode, keypress event, modern javascript, prettier, scss, set property method, split method, unicode characters, unicaode values, webpack 5