• Web Audio API Meets a Sprinkle of Confetti

  • A Web Audio API app which uses AJAX to retrieve a locally hosted audio file. When the user clicks on the start button, the background and text color of the button change, as does the background color of the page. Music starts playing, and confetti populates the page. When the user clicks on the stop button, the music stops, the background and text color of the button change, as well as the background color of the page. When the user clicks on the refresh button, the page and buttons are set to their default state.

    web audio api, ajax, confetti-js, npm, canvas, random colors, gh-pages, cdnjs, buffer, scripts, node-sass
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  • Node Collaborative Drawing

  • A real time collaborative drawing app built with websockets and the socket.io websocket library, express, and node canvas. What is it for? For friends and family or colleagues to connect in real time and draw collaboratively with each other.

    nodejs, serve favicon, socket.io, websockets, expressjs, node canvas, collaboration
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  • Speech To Text

  • A voice controlled notes app using the Speech Recognition Api and React. This little app was built with React, Webpack, The Web Speech Recognition Api, and Session Storage. I also use Babel 7 for JS compilation and Jest for testing.

    web speech recognition api, session storage, react, webpack 4, babel 7, jest testing
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  • Welcome To The Groove

  • An audio player app backed by a JS object called Jukebox with methods to play, stop, and load songs. Metadata is extracted from audio files, a progress bar with a thumb slider which displays the duration of songs, and is synched to the audio's current time. There is also a search input and more.

    object oriented javascript, audio web api, metadata, progress bar, thumb slider, search
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  • Rockin Synth

  • When the user presses a key, it creates a musical note corresponding to that of a real piano. When the user presses a key, a transition is triggered. When the user presses down on the key, it becomes a bit bigger and turns yellow. When the user lifts their finger from the key, the key scales down to its regular size and the yellow background disappears.

    event listeners, e.keyCode, e.which, kbd tags, transitions
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  • Cat Whisperer

  • A little text to speech app I created so that cat lovers could be inspired to write about their cats using the Speech Synthesis API while being inspired by the app’s cat image slideshow. There is also music if one wants to listen while writing. The user’s text is saved to session storage. If the user reaches the 5mb limit, he/she can save it to a .txt file and download it.

    text to speech, speech synthesis api, audio web api, session storage, file downloads
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  • Trump Talks Trash

  • A Random Quote API Application using the What Does Trump Think? API. I created a Nodejs app using the ejs (embedded javascript) view engine for Express, a minimalist framework for Nodejs. I was only using one image which was not large, and there were no fancy animations involved. I use the fetch() API method instead of AJAX.

    fetch api, nodejs, express, ejs, random quote api
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  • Chattrbox

  • A real time communications app built with websockets/socket.io websocket library, Node.js, and Express. What is it for? For friends, family, and/or colleagues to connect in real time and communicate with each other. messages are timestamped. chattrbox also uses the geolocation API and Google Maps API Maps Url.

    websockets, socket.io, nodejs, express, geolocation api, google maps api maps url
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