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Full Stack Javascript

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approach: I believe in working collaboratively and closely with my clients, whether they are developers or not. Inter-Global Media Network inc.'s mission is to design, develop, and teach experiences that make people's lives simpler. Not only do my services entail building applications for clients but also providing them with a better understanding of the tools they depend on or want to learn. This relates to developers and non-developers alike.
includes: atlassian bitbucket, atlassian jira issue & project tracking software, aws amplify, babel, bootstrap, command line, css3, ejs, @emotion/styled, es6 modules, express, gatsbyjs, git version control, github gh-pages, github source code management, heroku, html5 audio, html5 canvas, html5 video, illustrator, jamstack, jest, keynote, markdown, modern javascript, mongodb, netlify, nodejs, npm, digital photography, photoshop, postcss, postgresql, react, react markdown, sass, sketch, sql, static generators, tech writing, webpack, web speech api and more
  • url: chattrbox


    repository: chattrbox on github
    uses: nodejs, npm, websockets, socket.io, expressjs, jsjquery, geolocation, sass, google maps url api
  • url: speech to text

    speech to text

    repository: speech to text on github
    uses: code refactoring, workflow refactoring, react, webpack 4+, babel 7, scss, mini css extract plugin, js, npm, localstorage to file download, react-fontawesome, jest, eslint config react, service worker, asset manifest, precache manifest, workbox webpack plugin, webpack visualizer plugin, speech recognition, voice commands, session storage
  • url: client canvas art

    client canvas art

    repository: client canvas art on github
    uses: code refactoring, workflow refactoring, canvas 2d, canvas animation, babel 7, webpack 4+, prettier
  • url: node drawing

    node drawing

    repository: node drawing on github
    uses: nodejs, serve favicon, socket.io, websockets, expressjs, node canvas, collaboration