Development Workflows

Development Workflows

Development Workflows Related to Full Stack Javascript

background: My appreciation and love for (good and efficient) workflows began in early 2016, a little after ECMA2015 (ES6) was released. I had just completed a course in Frontend (JS) Development and had created a nifty little movie quiz application called BSurreal. I added just about everything under the sun, including the kitchen sink! I was so proud of my "masterpiece". But I will never forget what my awesome instructor's parting words were: "If you want to make bigger, and more complex projects that will perform and refactor well, you had better start thinking of modularizing your code!" She did not specifically mention ES6 modules. I don't even know if she had started using them yet herself! But she did mention lodash, for example. I had been following various developments in JavaScript, including the breaking changes ES6 brought with it, and decided to conquer code modularization with them. Modular code means much more agile code refactoring and the ability to reuse those modules. I have been an avid fan and implementer of modular code ever since. With it comes my implementation of agile directory and file structures.
approach: I believe in working collaboratively and closely with my clients, whether they are developers or not. Inter-Global Media Network inc.'s mission is to design, develop, and teach experiences that make people's lives simpler. Not only do my services entail building applications for clients but also providing them with a better understanding of the tools they depend on or want to learn. This relates to developers and non-developers alike. Regarding workflows, I believe in custom standardization. What does that mean? Standardization of workflows which include the integration of custom components when needed. A good example was my creation of React workflows without using Facebook's create-react-app. That's actually how my customized approach to standardized workflows began. Recently there have been breaking changes in Nodejs with the release of version 12+. I look forward to finding out how they affect nodejs backend workflows!
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  • site url: workflow 2018

    workflow 2018

    repository: workflow 2018 on github
    uses: react js, babel 7, eslint, webpack 4+, jest, es6 javascript, dynamic imports, css modules, scss, mini css extract plugin, webpack dev server, webpack dev middlewaregh pages
  • site url: evolution in design

    evolution in design

    repository: evolution in design on github
    uses: react js, mdx deck, babel 7, gh pages
  • site url: mariadcampbell


    repository: mariadcampbell on github
    uses: netlify, netlify forms, gtags, sitemap xml, custom sitemap, emotion styled components, rss feed, jira, jira plugin, jira github integration, jamstack site, lint staged, husky, prettier, eslint, eslint config prettier, react testing library, gatsbyjs 2, google custom search, gatsbyjs blog
  • site url: client canvas art

    client canvas art

    repository: client canvas art on github
    uses: code refactoring, workflow refactoring, canvas 2d, canvas animation, babel 7, webpack 4+, prettier