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Welcome to the Groove

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Welcome to the Groove
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Welcome to the Groove is an audio player app backed by a JS object called Jukebox with methods to play, stop, and load songs. It is an audio player in the form of a jukebox created with ES6 JavaScript, HTML5 Audio, OOP, and includes a search-in-text searchbar.

Metadata is extracted from audio files, a progress bar with a thumb slider which displays the duration of songs, and is synched to the audio's current time.

The app build is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and I created all the elements on the page (except the body element, which I needed in order to be able to append all other elements to the DOM) using the JavaScript document.createElement() method along with the help of other built-in methods such as setAttribute(), appendChild(), classList.add().

There is also a search input and more.

Project Includes

object oriented javascript, web audio api, metadata, progress bar, thumb slider, search