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Node Collaborative Drawing

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Node Collaborative Drawing
Photo by Maria D. Campbell on Interglobalmedia

Collaborative Drawing App

Built with Nodejs and (Web Sockets) and Node-Canvas

Project Includes

collaboration, expressjs, node canvas, nodejs, serve favicon, socketio, touch friendly, touch end event, touchmove event, touch-start event, websockets

Node Collaborative Drawing App on Heroku

devDependencies: eslint, node-static

dependencies: express, serve-favicon,

How To Use:

  • Click on the link Node Collaborative Drawing App on Heroku to land on the collaborative drawing page.
  • Starting drawing with your mouse! Share the link with others so that they may join in on the drawing session.
  • The session will persist as long as at least one window is open. When the last user closes their browser window, only then will the session end.

What is next for the app: