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Mobile first responsive HTML5 resume

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Mobile first responsive HTML5 resume
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During this final COMD2451 Web Design 1 class I am teaching/taught at the New York City College of Technology ( aka CityTech) in Brooklyn, I finally took out the time to refactor the CSS code for a mobile first HTML5 resume we built for our professional portfolio sites and made it a 100% mobile first designed HTML5 page. I had originally refactored the responsive HTML5 resume I had found on Codepen, and made it as "dry" as possible within my time constraints. But since this was going to be my last class I was teaching at CityTech, I thought a great way of "wrapping things up" and "tying up loose ends" would be to make the design 100% "mobile first". Because the original CSS code was NOT, and I (originally) pointed out why in the slide deck, line by line. It was a great and challenging refactoring experience, and I also updated the slide deck for the class session to reflect those changes. It was also a great experience and take way for the students!