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How and why I came to dropping off my MacBook Pro with Super Computer Doctor in Murray Hill

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How and why I came to dropping off my MacBook Pro with Super Computer Doctor in Murray Hill
Photo by Blaz Erzetic on Unsplash

Yesterday, as I was putting my laptop into my computer bag, I noticed that the back of it was starting to separate. In other words, it was becoming loose. I was very concerned, and decided to re-visit the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association website to check out information about a computer repair business in the neighborhood called Super Computer Doctor. Maybe they would be able to fix the issue?

After my class and office hour were over, I called the Super Computer Doctor number, and someone answered. I explained that the back of my MacBook Pro was starting to separate from the rest of the laptop, and would they be able to tighten it? I said I could come over the following morning (today), and could they please take care of it ASAP, as I needed it back immediately.

I arrived at the building where the business resides, and Lance, my technician, came down promptly at 9am. Then I showed him the back of my laptop. I fiddled with the back a little to show where I thought the issue was, and then he took a look. After looking at it, he stated that he didn’t think there were any screws there. I was like, “Really? That is NOT possible.”

He said he would take up the laptop and examine the situation more carefully. After a few minutes, he texted me stating

Super computer doctor: We are working on your computer now. Eight screws are missing so there will be an extra charge.

I replied

No problem. I figured as much. From now on. I learned a lesson to take pictures if my computer when it is new for reference. One forgets details sometimes! I knee back then there was something odd. Thanks!

I had thought when I went to get the laptop fixed at the iStore because of a battery swell and the need for a new battery, that when I got it back, the screws seemed so recessed. Well, it ends up that there were no screws! It never entered my mind that a business would just NOT put in the screws (literally).

After a few more minutes, Lance, my technician, came down with the laptop, and the back looked as brand new again. What a life saver! If I had waited any longer, I would have had a completely separated laptop back. And that would NOT have been good!

But how did I come to learn about Super Computer Doctor, you may ask.

On a recent Sunday, when I went to my local Church, The Church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, on 33rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, I received a weekly bulletin that contained some information regarding local businesses and organizations in the neighborhood. One of them was the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association. And they were looking for Trustees. I thought it could be interesting to become one, since I had grown up in the neighborhood and wanted to see it flourish (again), so I contacted them.

Well, I didn’t end up becoming a Trustee (for now anyway), but I did become a small business member. After I had joined, I went on the website and found Super Computer Doctor. And I thought, I might actually need these guys some day. I didn’t speak too soon. I ended up needing them several days later!

For anyone reading this post who happens to be in the Kips Bay/Murray Hill neighborhood, I highly encourage becoming a member of this not-for-profit organization! To learn more, you can visit their website. And to learn more about Super Computer Doctor, you can visit their listing on the Association’s website under Members > Business > Computers > Professional Services >. I will definitely be a repeat customer when the opportunity presents itself again!