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How iTunes Match saved me from losing iTunes Purchases bought under previous Apple IDs

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How iTunes Match saved me from losing iTunes Purchases bought under previous Apple IDs
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Recently two things happened to my MacBook Pro (late) 2015: the battery expanded (and warped the bottom piece of my computer) and maybe as a result of the first happening, the software related to Spotlight Search became corrupt. It misread the free space on my computer (basically that I had none when that was SO NOT the case).

I finally got back my computer. It took the Mac Repair shop no time to fix the first issue - they replaced the bottom (piece) of my computer where the battery was located. It was the second issue which took them forever to fix (just under two weeks), and there was virtually no communication between the tech and myself until the day I actually got back the computer. I didn’t even see his whole communication until after the fact.

The point is, when I rebuilt my computer application configs (they had to wipe out the software installed on my computer and re-install it), I found that I could not retrieve certain music on my laptop that I had purchased in the iTunes Store over the (many) years, but I was able to access all that music on my iPhone. At first I couldn’t figure out why that was the case, but when I called Apple Care, after some discussion, we both realized that it was thanks to my yearly subscription to iTunes Match which saved me and my music. iTunes Match keeps track of what an Apple Customer has purchased no matter what their Apple ID. I have been a very long time Apple user/customer, and Apple IDs have been ever evolving. Honestly, I have forgotten a couple of IDs from years ago along the way. But once I realized that all I had to do was sync my iTunes Match with my MacBook Pro device, everything was fine!

iTunes Match only costs $24.99/year (one can store up to 100,000 songs!), and it is worth every penny. In the long run, it saves a lot of headache. To learn more about iTunes Match and how it works with iTunes (now called Apple Music), please visit the post Subscribe to iTunes Match on the Apple Support web site.

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