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How to enable async await in a Node.js/Express

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How to enable async await in a Node.js/Express
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I was going through the final project for the course I am teaching at CityTech called Dynamic Web 1 which includes covering Modern Javascript and introduces Node.js, environment variables, .dotenv, ESLint rules, APIs, API keys, and how to protect them, the creation of local scripts in package.json, the EJS templating engine for Express.js, and async/await.

As I was writing the documentation for building the application, I noticed that there was an ESLint error regarding a couple of arrow functions I was using. I couldn’t understand at first how that could be the case, but after further investigation, I realized it was not the arrow function that was causing the error, but implementation of async/await itself.

async/await was introduced to JavaScript in ES2017. Since I did not include that in my ESLint config, the use of async/await using ESLint **threw&& an **error**.

I had to add the following property to the "parserOptions" object within in my eslintrc.json file in order to make that error go away:

"parserOptions": {
    "ecmaVersion": 2017,
    "sourceType": "script"

And that was it!

I will be embedding this episode of Plugging in The Holes along withtranscript in the form of a post on for your hearing and reading pleasure. Bye for now!