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How challenges, road blocks, and mistakes can lead to fruitful progress as a web designer or developer

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How challenges, road blocks, and mistakes can lead to fruitful progress as a web designer or developer
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The other day, one of my students was having problems pushing his local repository source code to his remote Github repository. He also needed guidance in organizing his repository content. I worked with him in organizing his repository content into different folders by doing the following:

  • I forked his repository. Yes! Forking was revisited!

  • I git cloned the fork to my laptop.

  • I made the necessary organizational changes to the project content.

  • I made sure to git pull upstream master (the branch in question) for (potential) changes that might have been made by him on remote after my last upstream update without my knowledge.

  • I pushed my changes to my forked repository.

  • I created a pull request on his original repository.

  • He merged that pull request.

The key to all this is, that we coordinated the pull request. I made sure that he did not push any more changes to remote, because that might have resulted in merge conflicts! After he merged the pull request, he could continue pushing changes to remote without having to worry that I might be making changes to the same content in my forked repository, and then create a pull request. Road blocks organically evolved into his learning more about a skill essential to any designer, developer, or any other role in technology today. Git. It also indirectly AND directly helps one become a better designer, developer, or other related technology role. I love it when evolution of any sort is organic! It just naturally happens. And that comes from collaborative effort on both sides and a willingness (AND eagerness) to learn. Most important of all, to get the job done within a certain time frame!

I will be embedding this episode of Plugging in The Holes along with a transcript in the form of a post on for your hearing and reading pleasure. Bye for now!