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VS Code and the Live Server extension

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VS Code and the Live Server extension
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I have always opened my code editors from the Command Line and from within the directory I wanted to open in them using a shell command. I did it with Atom, I did it with Sublime, with Web Storm, PHP Storm, and now I do it with VS Code. I do pretty much everything in Command Line. So when someone has a problem with VS Code and uses the code editor outside of the Command Line, I have to re-learn how to use VS Code in a "different way". I have to take myself back to when I was learning how to use a tool, and I wasn't using the Command Line. It's like temporarily retraining your mind. You can't think instinctively. You have to think deliberately.

Anyhoo, I decided to create a short little screen recording in which I show how to use VS Code first with the Command Line to open a project in VS Code then using Live Server, then not using the Command Line, and then using Live Server after opening a file instead of a folder.

I will be hosting the .movs on YouTube, and embedding them into the transcript of this podcast.

I will be embedding this episode of Plugging in The Holes along with a transcript in the form of a post on for your hearing and reading pleasure. I will be including the related resource links mentioned in the podcast of course. Always do. Bye for now!