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by Maria Campbell on December 22, 2011

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Update 12.28.11:  Given that the site has undergone some major changes that affected some information on this podcast, I deleted the original and will not be re-broadcasting this podcast.  However, the original along with struck out changes may be read below.

Breaking News December 22, 2011

Inter-Global Media Network’s goal is to create innovative media strategies that place today’s cutting edge woman entrepreneur with a penchant for social good in the spotlight.  The mission of Pump Up The Presence is to give her a louder voice…LITERALLY.  This is pure talk radio, so talk to us!

Part of the goal of the Inter-Global Media Network and Pump Up The Presence is to inform entrepreneurs of not only the latest in breaking entrepreneurial news, but social and women’s issues as well. Today more than ever, it’s important for there to be a meeting of the minds between entrepreneurs and social do-gooders.

Earlier today I touched upon the Business insider article “The French Government is About To Order 30,000 Women to Have Their Breast Implants Removed”, written by Nick Jardine and published December 20, 2011.  He did mention that 30,000 women in France had received low-grade, industrial silicone in their implants from the French silicone manufacturer PIP (Poly Implant Prothèse) as did 40,000 women in Britain, and that the French Government thought the silicone might cause cancer.  However, he only touched upon the story. It’s much bigger than that.  According to a groundbreaking news article (entitled “Health Fears Over Suspect French Breast Implants Spread Abroad”) by Maîa de la Baume and David Jolly written for The NY Times and published yesterday online but in today’s newspaper version, the reason for the French Government’s panic was that these PIP implants have been rupturing in women’s breasts at “unusually high rates” causing intense panic and anxiety amongst tens of thousands of women with said silicone implants.  According to the article, not only did 30,000 French women and 40,000 British women have low-grade industrial silicone PIP implants, but the implants were also used in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Spain.  The incident that “caught the attention of European health officials (was) after a woman whose implant had ruptured, died last month from a rare cancer called anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.” The article goes into much greater detail about the gravity of the PIP implant situation, and I consider it a must read for everyone.

In somewhat lighter news, according to the article by John Paul Titlow for ReadWriteWeb published today (entitled “GoDaddy’s SOPA Support Sparks Calls for Boycotts and Domain Transfers”), domain name registrar GoDaddy has decided to go against the technological grain by openly supporting SOPA thereby spurring anti-Go Daddy sentiment amongst SOPA opponents threatening boycotts against and flights from the company’s services.

In even lighter news, the new Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tin Tin” based on the popular Belgian comic book series by George Prosper Remis (born May 22 1907 and died March 1983) and better known as Hergé, was released today in theatres.  Hergé wrote and illustrated 23 “Adventures of Tin Tin” books which he began creating in 1929 until his death in 1983.  I was a Francophile from a very early age and grew up reading his books!  So, when I read about the release of Steven Spielberg’s movie “The Adventures of Tin Tin” today along with the recent publication of a coffee table book called “The Art of The Adventures of Tin Tin” and an iPad version of the book, I immediately had to share.  If you’re a big Tin Tin fan like me, this article (“TinTin iPad Art Book Blurs The Line Between Books, Movies, And Apps”) written by Eric Schonfeld and published in TechCrunch today is another MUST read.

In the article “Duolingo Teaches You a Language While Helping Translate The Web (And Could Be Google’s Next Purchase)” written by Leena Rao and also published in TechCrunch today, Leena write about Guatemalan born entrepreneur and associate professor of Computer Science Louis von Ahn’s latest project Duolingo.  Its aim is to decrease the cost of translating web applications and pages on a large scale.  How does it work?  “Duolingo is a 100% free language learning site in which people learn by helping to translate the Web, and companies can get quality translations for less”, writes Ms. Rao.

I will be publishing the text to this podcast with all related links to sources on our website www.interglobalmediaservices.com www.interglobalmedianetwork.com entitled “Breaking News December 22, 2011”.  Link to the complete list of links to breaking news for today will also be included.

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Breaking News 12.22.11

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