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by Maria Campbell on December 22, 2011

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Update 12.28.11:  Given that the site has undergone some major changes that affected some information on this podcast, I deleted the original and will not be re-broadcasting this podcast.  However, the original along with struck out changes may be read below.

Update 12.28.11: This is a re-broadcast with some changes (as indicated below) reflecting the general changes to the website’s name etc.

Breaking News December 21, 2011

Before I get started with the podcast, I have an announcement to make.  As of today, Inter-Global Media Services has become Inter-Global Media Network.  We will be changing the current title, contact info, and shifting current website content onto the new web address and related contact info over the next couple of weeks, but there will be no disruption in accessing current content that has been distributed through various social networking channels.  Thank you in advance for all your patience!

Now onto the podcast.

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to “hear” what you’re saying, but that’s because it’s hard to make them open up to new things. Here at Inter-Global Media Services Network, we take an activistic approach. What do we mean by that? It’s mind-boggling how so many people’s brains (both men and women) are (still) programmed regarding women in leadership roles. Our goal is to create innovative media strategies that place today’s cutting edge woman entrepreneur with a penchant for social good in the spotlight. The mission of Pump Up The Presence is to give her a louder voice… LITERALLY. This is pure talk radio, so talk to us!

Part of the goal of Pump Up The Presence is to provide our entrepreneur listeners with breaking entrepreneurial news in the morning. Today I’m podcasting a bit later, but just so you know: every morning very early, usually by 6:00-6:30am, I have combed through a great deal of breaking news headlines that I post in the black box “feature” area under Inter-Global Media Services’Network’s header with a click “here” link to the full set of headline links I’ve selected in the “Breaking News” Page of the day’s date, and each day the featured headline links change, and the old headlines are archived both in the Breaking News (daily) navigation tab located below the “Resources” tab as well as within the “Resources” pages themselves.  However, there they are grouped by category or subject matter instead of by date.  The Resources area is available free to registered users on the Inter-Global Media Services website (registration is free), and it is growing more and more each day. However, we’re in beta right now, and you have to be invited to join. If you are interested in doing so, please send me an e-mail at mariadorothea7@gmail.com.

In today’s headlines, Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff reveals the new startup that Justin Bieber has invested in in his article “Here’s The Company That Justin Bieber Invested in” published December 20, 2011. According to Dylan Love’s article “A Huge Verizon Data Outage is Causing Lots of Headaches This Morning” in Business Insider, there was a Verizon data outage this morning (December 21) causing all sorts of craziness.  I worked through the night on my Road Runner driven desktop and was oblivious to what was transpiring on my Verizon iPhone.  Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook seemed especially quiet, though.  I found it difficult to find exciting news actually published today, but most of the December 20th news was published last night.  Does that count? Did anyone suffer from this outage?  Please tell me.  I would love to know! Also in Business Insider, the “1%” won’t take the abuse anymore and is “fighting back”, in the article written by Linette Lopez entitled “The 1% is Fighting Back”, published December 20, 2011. In Mashable news today in the article “New iPhone App Connects Strangers Around The World Through Instagram Photos” written by Veena Bissram, a new iPhone app called “Wander” “lets you explore the world through your iPhone” and connect with strangers from all over through Instagram photos. In The New York Times, Nick Bilton conducts a fabulous interview with Gary Shteyngart, Author of “Super Sad True Love Story”.  Gary Shteyngart is brilliant! You have to check it out, and if you STILL haven’t read the book, you SHOULD.  It’s a must read, whether you like to read or not! According to Mac Rumors in the article entitled  “BBC Developers on Designing the New iPlayer for iPhone” written by Jordon Golson, the BBC has introduced its “iPlayer for iPhone” app to its paid subscribers.  “The app allows domestic viewers to view live BBC TV and radio and watch catch up TV over Wi Fi and 3G.”  I’ve been calling it right on the TV access/interaction through the iPhone, haven’t I?  And it doesn’t stop there! In yesterday’s breaking news, and announced just about everywhere by everyone (that’s how big the news is), the SUPERBOWL will be streamed live to computers and smart phones.  I happened to catch this in a nice article written by John Paul Titlow for ReadWriteWeb entitled “For The First Time, TV’s Biggest Live Event Will Be Streamed to Your Phone”, dated yesterday, December 20, 2011. In an article written by Josh Constine called “How to Found, Grow, and Sell A Social Good Startup” also dated December 20, 2011 for TechCrunch, he talks about Adam Archer (formerly of Apple) and his startup GamesThatGive.  It is accompanied by a video of Josh’s interview with Adam. He writes, “Watch as we talk to Archer about the challenges of starting a social good company, and how one can make a difference in the world and still turn a profit.” (yay! say I.) Also in TechCrunch December 20, 2011, is “Ticketing 3.0: Facebook becomes A Box office”, written by Eliot Van Buskirk. According to the article, facebook launched its new ticketing app Ticketfly last week, which hopes to increase ticket sales by letting people know when their friends buy a ticket. This next headline I came across yesterday really disturbed me. Written by Nick Jardine for Business Insider and published December 20, 2011, it’s entitled “The French Government is About to order 30,000 Women to Have Their Breast Implants Removed”.  Why?  Because purportedly they “received breast implants made with industrial silicone instead of a medical grade.

Now, according to French newspaper Libération, those with faulty implants will have to have them removed” because of its potential for causing cancer.  However, according to the same article and first written by Angelique Chrisofis in Britain’s The Gaurdian December 20th as well, “The Guardian reports that a criminal investigation is underway against PIP (Poly Implant Prothese, a leading world silicone provider) in an attempt to understand how industrial silicone became widely used in plastic surgery procedure”. According to Business Insider, “the BBC announced that over 40,000 British women have implants made by PIP, but the UK will not be ordering every surgery reversed” because they feel there is no proven link between the implants and cancer. Last but not least, Facebook will be introducing ads or as facebook calls them “sponsored stories” to its news feeds starting in January 2012, according to an article in Clickz entitled “Facebook Brings Ads to the News Feed”, written by Christopher Heine. “You will only see Sponsored Stories in your news feed about your friends or people you are connected to,” says Facebook spokesperson Annie Ta.

I will be publishing the text to this podcast with all related links to sources on our website www.interglobalmediaservices.com entitled “Breaking News December 21, 2011”.  Since I was late in making this podcast, I will keep the “Breaking News December 21, 2011” page as well as the “Breaking News December 22, 2011” page open today so that you can catch up on both days’ headlines. I apologize for the delay in this podcast, but with all the holiday and other obligations I had this week, it was impossible to air this yesterday.  However, I still felt yesterday’s news important enough to still podcast even though a day late, just in case if you had missed some of these headlines!  Pump Up The Presence should be in steady swing by next week. Thank you so much for your patience!

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