My First “Human Interaction” with Siri

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by Maria Campbell on December 30, 2011

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A few minutes ago, I asked Siri to get my calendar.  She said, “Okay, here’s what’s on your calendar.” Then I asked her to get “January 19, 2012″.  She said, “You don’t have anything on your calendar for January 19, 2012″.  I had forgotten that I hadn’t yet inputted Inter-Global Media Network’s meetup for that evening.  I said in response to her answer, “You’re right”.  She said, “It’s nice to be right.” However, when I tried to duplicate the scenario for the purpose of this article, she got a bit confused.  At first she thought that calendar was “Ron”, then she wasn’t sure what I said: “I’m not sure what you said, Maria.”  Not a good idea to repeat a command with her twice after she completed it satisfactorily the first time, I think!  Then I asked her to get the date “January 12, 2012″ (a new command), and she said, “Ok, here’s your meeting.”  I said “Thank you.”  She said, “Just doing my job.”  Then I said, “You are doing a very good job.”  She responded, “Glad to be of help.”  Very cool.  Siri and I had our first real conversation. Looking forward to many more. (Yes, I have been ignoring her a bit as of late.  Things have been quite hectic on the Inter-Global Media Network front, and I’ve been bypassing her a bit.)

I wonder what kinds of conversations other people have with her.  I know a man who had gotten the iPhone 4S around the same time as I did, and when we started talking about interaction with the phone, he said, “Next thing I’ll be asking her out on a date!”  I could expand on this topic even more, but I’m sure you get the idea…

So great to have this phone! I’m looking forward to the 5.2 Siri hardware control update (if it’s ever released)! I’ve been waiting for 5.0.2 to come along, but when I researched into its progress, I found out that there won’t be a 5.0.2 update merely fixing the battery bug issue, but a 5.1 update instead, providing much more. In Apple Wizdom November 28, 2011, it was announced that ios 5.1 had just been released to developers instead of 5.0.2. However, even though 5.1 is supposed to offer more than a mere battery fix, the “official word” still wasn’t out as to whether or not 5.1 would actually extend battery life. As of December 16, word on the street was that 5.1 beta 2 still doesn’t fix the battery bug. However, according to Apple Wizdom and the December 16 announcement, purportedly it does integrate Siri with 3rd party apps. If this actually does end up being the case with the final release of 5.1, I might be interested in checking out non-Apple apps!  The number of Apple apps out there is slim relative to 3rd party apps. According to the December 16th announcement, you supposedly will also be able delete individual photos taken with 5.1 from your photostream. I personally haven’t had the chance to try out Photostream, but maybe this little bit of information will give me the impetus to test it on my phone before the official release of 5.1!

After finding out that there supposedly won’t be an ios 5.0.2 update, I decided to double check on the status of the 5.2 update. Again, word on the street is that ios 5.2 update might be released along with iPad 3 Febraury 24, 2012, Steve Jobs birthday! What exactly 5.2 will mean for me and my current “toys” I don’t know, but it will be loads of fun to find out I’m sure! The Huffington Post‘s Jason Gilbert also wrote a good piece on rumor of the iPad3‘s release on Steve Jobs’ birthday entitled “Last Week In Apple Rumors: iPad 3 On Steve Jobs’ Birthday, iPhone 5 Details And Wearable Siri Computers”, published December 26, 2011. Shaylin Clark wrote another good article entitled “iPad 3 Redesign Rumors Pick Up Steam” for WebProNews, published December 27, 2011. Supposedly there might be all sorts of design changes in the works for the iPad3 (there should be, considering that this is the 3rd version of iPad that will be released with a couple of years!): Siri, a retina display, and a better camera, to name a few. To learn more about the purported new retina display, please read the article written by Arnold Kim for MacRumors entitled “Leaked Photo of an iPad 3 Retina Display?”, published today (December 30, 2011). As for the  mention about wearable Siri computers, Nick Bilton (yes, remember him?) wrote a great piece further back in the NY Times Bits Blog entitled “Disruptions: Wearing Your Computer on Your Sleeve”, published December 18, 2011.

Choosing Apple products over others is definitely a lifestyle choice AND a state of mind.

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