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Yes, there’s a way of getting around not owning a tablet

by Maria Campbell October 4, 2012 App Related

Recently I had switched over from Time Warner Cable to Verizon Fios, and as a result of that switch, I was awarded $175 worth in gift cards. I chose Amazon as my place to redeem them since I like buying from there, and was toying with the idea of getting a Kindle Fire HD. I […]

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Pump Up The Presence: Schedule Changes etc.

by Maria Campbell August 22, 2012 App Related

We have been thinking over what kind of atmosphere would enhance the radio and live connective experience of our featured guests and audience. From our point of view, and we hope it will be yours too, we felt that a loungy, public space would be best, and not a sterile community or conference room. Enough […]

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Upcoming broadcast events

by Maria Campbell August 15, 2012 Blogs

Tomorrow night is the live launch episode of Founders Connect. Founders Connect addresses the challenges women founders face in their entrepreneurial journeys. We invite both women and men entrepreneurs to share their experiences as founders, and to discuss the solutions their ventures may provide to these challenges. And who knows, founders looking for other founders with […]

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Live Launch episode of Founders Connect is just around the corner!

by Maria Campbell August 11, 2012 App Related

The live (broadcast) launch episode of Founders Connect with Gary Krane of CoupleWise and Karin Levi  of Weesh  is just around the corner, and we are so excited about the opportunity to get to know these two talented entrepreneurs better! The more we learned about them through various written sources, the more we realized what a great interview fit they make, and that we are […]

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This Just In: Dreamit Ventures Demo Day included Weesh!

by Maria Campbell August 10, 2012 Entrepreneur Related

This just in: the big day just took place for Dreamit Ventures Accelerator Summer 2012 Class this past Wednesday at the Time Life Center in New York. The whole program works towards this day, catching the eye of the investor and ultimately winning them (and their capital) over. 15 companies out of 500 were selected […]

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This Just In: CoupleWise has left Beta and started charging yesterday so…

by Maria Campbell August 6, 2012 Founders Connect Internet Radio Show

This Just In: CoupleWise, whom we are interviewing at our launch (live event) episode of Founders Connect, just left Beta yesterday, and has started charging for its platform. Right now it charges $7.95/month with a 7-day free trial. Says Gary Krane, Ph.D., and CoupleWise Chief Psychologist, Initial fee will only be $7.95, and steadily rise […]

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This Just in: Rachel Maddow should be a moderator [Ultraviolet]

by Maria Campbell July 17, 2012 Women Empowerment

Editor’s Note: This was first published in Inter-Global Media Network’s social network, LetsBSocial, July 17, 2012, @ 15:28pm. Just last night I received a correspondence from regarding the ongoing call for a woman moderator at a presidential debate this year. A little while back, they had sent me the initial correspondence on the matter, and I signed […]

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Thoughts 7.15.12

by Maria Campbell July 15, 2012 Blogs

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in Inter-Global Media Network’s social network LetsBSocial, 7.15.12, @10:25am. A conversation I had with a woman the other day made me really think over the weekend. It was about all women networks vs. women’s networks that focus on women, but don’t exclude men. Inter-Global Media Network is by women […]

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Event Apps

by Maria Campbell July 14, 2012 App Related

Last night I attended a networking event, and actually volunteered to check people in for the first hour. We were told that under no circumstances were we to allow anyone in who wasn’t on our list. Most people were checked in without a hitch, but there were some that claimed they had registered and “how […]

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Women in World News 7.10.12

by Maria Campbell July 10, 2012 Blogs

Update 7.10.12 @ 12:32pm: The date for the article entitled “Saudi Arabia’s Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK” by Hugh Miles and Robert Mendick for The Telegraph UK should be July 7, 2012, and not July 9, 2012. Women’s Rights: Allah ordered the execution[Video]:  July 10, 2012, Maryam Namazie for Free Thought Blogs – Sunday, July 8, 2012, members of the Taliban […]

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